Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar under 25000 in India

Dolby Atmos is a great addition to your cinematic experience . Before going for Best Dolby Atmos soundbar , keep in mind below things

  1. Only 5 speaker + system can give real true dolby atmos effect where speakers are placed on ceiling , back , front etc.
  2. All soundbar with dolby atmost try to emulate dolby atmost effect virtually , and reach maybe 40% of real atmos effect .
  3. All budget soundbars below 50 thousand have very less dolby atmost effect , maybe 20%
  4. To get dolby atmos effect , your TV should have HDMI eARC (not ARC) out to connect to soundbar. With headphone jack , optical jack etc , you cant get dolby atmos effect

Now lets get started with list of top Soundbars / Dolby Atmos speakers under 25,000 rs that gives good audio and try to get some effect of dolby atmos as well

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