Samsung Galaxy S20 reviews and specification

If the Galaxy S20 Ultra is too much of a good thing , the Galaxy S20+ is just the right amount of goodness. Or greatness. It’s the best phone I’ve used in a long time, and will hopefully get better with a few camera-tweaking updates sure to come in the next few months.

It also surprised me — I’ve had access to all three Galaxy S20 phones for nearly two weeks now, and where I thought I’d immediately gravitate to the inimitable camera of the S20 Ultra, or the perfect-in-the-hand size of the Galaxy S20, it’s the Goldilocks-just-right middle ground of the S20+ that I think will appeal to most people this year

Incipio is offering a new case for eco-conscious consumers called Organicore, and is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S20+ from Verizon. It’s made from 100% compostable plant material, while still providing reliable drop protection from 6 feet in the air. Protect your investment and minimize your environmental footprint with Organicore.

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