Buying guide: Oven buying guide Microwave, convection, grill

When it comes to Microwave ovens , the market if full with Options  and varieties. As usual , our consumer gets entangled in complexity of various appliances available . So here GadgetsAbout team brings you a short and simple microwave oven buying guide to select best Oven as per your need.

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Types of Ovens

1>OTG (Oven Toaster Griller)  :

OTG  stands for Oven ,Toaster and Griller . This is probably the simplest and oldest  form of an oven. This is basically an oven buying guide with two heating rods , one on top and one on bottom. The content gets heated when these rods get heated. OTG is primarily used for baking . For reheating , this is not suitable because it takes a lot time for filament to heat up and create a high temperature inside.

Uses: OTG is probably best for grilling and baking . This is best suited for Baking cakes , Baking cookies , making Pizza , Grilling Meat etc.

Price : The price depends on size of the oven . For a medium size oven , price starts from 4000 rs and goes upwards for large size ovens.

2>Microwave :

Microwave is the new class of ovens , that use Microwave rays technology to heat and cook food. The oven operates by emitting microwave rays on  food , which causes food molecules to move vigorously and produce heat (on molecular level) . This is fairly quick process , and even cooking food becomes easier in Microwave. However , Microwave does not use any external heating elements , hence we dont get that golden bake crust and colors. Instead , its more of even and properly cooked effect.

Solo Microwaves come in variety of sized , from 15 L , 17 L , 20L etc sizes. The price range starts from 4500 rs and goes upwards for bigger size models.

3>Microwave +Convection + Grill  :

This is the microwave oven buying guide which combines Microwave and OTG into a single unit. This microwave has all the features of solo microwave , and in addition to that , has heating element for grill effect and a fan to blow hot air evenly on food with a convection effect.This helps the oven to perform in all areas like reheating , cooking , baking  and grilling. There are various program modes where you can turn on one , or more of the feature – Microwave only , Microwave+Grill , Microwave+grill_convection , Only grill etc . However regular cleaning and maintainance is required for this oven , as food particles stick on top of the oven making Heating rod emit smoke.

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