Motorola One Fusion plus new launch and full specification

Motorola One Fusion plus seems like an easily  phone with rich feature set. The One Fusionplus is Moto s second phone with an unblemished screen thanks to a pop up selfie  and it tries to offer the most bang for its €299 price.

It sure looks like the One Fusion plus can deliver on every front. Its HDR10 screen at that is perfect for movies and games. Then is a  powerful Snapdragon 730 chip  one of the best choices for the midrange class.

There is more of course. The Fusion plus  packs a familiar quad camera on its back regular ultrawide macro and depth  but it also offers various shooting modes including Night Vision. Then there is the large 5000 mAh battery that should last you at least two days by Moto estimates.

The One Fusion plus  boots rather clean Android 10 OS  but it is not part of the Android One distribution. It is just Google cleanest version with a bunch of unobtrusive Moto extras here and there including a dedicated Gaming Mode and standby screen.

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