Realme 3 Pro is arriving in April

The Realme 3 has just been introduced with an affordable price tag and Helio P70 chipset. At the end of the announcement there was a surprise for all Realme fans with another phone called Realme 3 Pro which is arriving in April.

The Realme 3 Pro will be both a camera beast and a speed racer as well. We might see a Realme smartphone with 48 MP camera. The current Realme 3 has a Mediatek chipset, we expect the Pro version to come with Snapdragon 670/675 and 6 GB RAM.

The company might even go for the in-screen selfie camera solution, but that might make the Realme 3 Pro too expensive, which would be against the company policy of offering its phones with an impressively low price tag.

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